An Evaluation of the Poem, The Waste materials Area by T.S. Eliot

“I saw with my very own eye the Sybil of Cumae hanging in a jar, so when the boys thought to her, Sibyl, what would you like? she replied I wish to die” Strong terms to get started the poem, thoughts which already define the state of society and humanity, text which discuss a prophet with immortality but ageing, an ageing which foreshadows a society which has continued for too much time. Fear, falseness and prophets show the view of the writer about the topic which is explained by producing the dualities which will be included in the continuos fragmentation in the poem and after in the symbolism the prophets and the frequent seek out hope represent.

A heap of broken photos: memory, history; fragmentation is continually used through the entire poem so as to create an idea, a graphic of what society and humanity have problems with. A regular rupture between persons and thoughts who discuss the same background and feelings. Continuos duality among different principles.

From the first of all prophet, which makes a clear contrast in comparison with the first individuals which speak about the land, days gone by and the constant seek out peace; the fragmentation could be obviously seen when he reflects after humanity and culture by discussing the past and the future as viewed by humanity, therefore demonstrating their insignificance when