An Evaluation of the Fortieth Chapter The Atlanta Exposition Address in Booker T.Washington's Autobiography

The Atlanta Exposition Address may be the fortieth chapter of Booker T.

Washington’s autobiography. This autobiography was named Up From Slavery and

it was written in 1901. The chapter commences by informing the reader that Booker T.

Washington, the writer, was in the Atlanta Exposition representing the Negro

enterprise and Negro civilization. Then describes how he offered a brief speech

to the white and black community, and continues by authoring some

personal experiences and his viewpoint on some particular problems. Some of

these experiences and issues are the end result of his speech, how he fulfills and

thinks about the President of america, the invitation to become a judge in

an educational contest, the Negro ministry, and voting. In this chapter, Booker

T. Washington’s main motif is how two distinct races can live along in

order to achieve improvement. In his persuasive speech, he tries to persuade black

and white people that they should offer their finest for the prosperity of the

South. He also tries to persuade persons to create friends, whatever their