An Examination of Hamlet's Theological Difficulty with Clausius in "Hamlet"

This scene is a dramatic peak where both Claudius and Hamlet acknowledge their particular dilemmas. The King faces the problem of how exactly to repent and thus save himself, at least, from spiritual damnation. HamletВ’s theological trouble with killing Claudius turns into yet another hurdle and he becomes significantly trapped by his individual indecision.

Claudius makes his first entrance of regicide in this soliloquy. He uses disease imagery, continuing the motif, heightening our knowing of the terrible thing he did. The King identifies the В‘primal eldest curseВ’, an allusion to the Biblical history of Cain and Abel. This parallel is apt, not merely because these were brothers, it represents a awful sin against God -- in this instance as the natural order has been violated. There is absolutely no evidence to advise Claudius was particularly pious ahead of this crime, however the dependence on Grace in the eyes of God could have been very vital that you him. Ironically he's struggling to pray, for forgiveness, because his В‘stronger guilt defeats my [ClaudiusВ’] good intentВ’. His intent may be his original desire to have kingship, and therefore his guilt is indeed serious he canВ’t appreciate the benefits.

Curiously the strength of his vocabulary, regarding his crime, is merely matched by Hamlet. Claudius is under great pressure, both from his conscience and HamletВ’s cloak of madness which threatens to unmask him. Just prior to the soliloquy he was arranging for removing Hamlet to England, this erases among the threats to him. Forgiveness can be vital that you him to safe safeguard his spiritual future. Nonetheless it seems unlikely he is just as calculating as this and