An Argument and only Convicts Eligible for Their Human Rights AFTER THEY Finished Their Time

Life After Prison

For centuries america has generated a caste system to put people at the bottom, and just lately those have already been felons. Black felons. Guidelines like Anti-Drug Abuse Work of 1988, passed by Congress, maintain citizen once convicted in another class system. These policies deny jobs, casing, education, professional licences and public benefits for all those convicted. With over two million of the U.S. population inside our prison system, the consequences creates difficulty for introduced convicts to build their existence back together. People that have police records are stripped of standard human rights with these policies put against them. These residents must have equal rights to obtain a job, a location to stay, and food.


policies generate it hard for these citizen to discover a job, that may lead

to against the law activity trying to create fast cash. Gregory Payne stated,

“You keep doing things that get you the amount of money because you can’t

get other jobs.” Various stress over finding employment to maintain parole

because if not they are able to possibly get back in to prison. If it wasnРІР‚в„ўt

for these policies allowing for discrimination against those once

convicted, crime prices can drop.

With the best incarceration rate on earth, there shouldn’t be prejudice regulations that allow employers in order to discriminate based on police records. The New Jim Crow brings some evidence alive, stating that “Less when compared to a quarter of employers were ready to consider hiring someone convicted