A History and Study of Hinduism

Hinduism was founded sometime between 1500 and 500 CE in the are actually of the Indus

valley civilization. There is absolutely no individual founder no names directed at say

who developed it. They are various gods in the faith of Hinduism. Many Hindu

followers believe that among the gods is the accurate god, this makes a division

in Hinduism, Vaishnavaism and Shivaism. Individuals who follow Vaishnavaism believe

that Vishnu may be the one authentic god and persons who follow Shivasim consider that

Shiva may be the one true god. Yet there are plenty of sects that worship both gods. Over

eighty percent of Hindu persons worship god, the father Vishnu. One out of six persons in

the world is a Hindu. Hinduism serves as a a monotheistic or a

polytheistic religion based on the idea of view but Hindu persons describe

themselves as henotheisitic, which may be the belief in a single god without denying the

existence of others. Hindus believe the soul is normally immortal and re-enters a

body of flesh and blood to resolve experience and learn all of the lessons that

the material life provides. Hindus also