A Comparison of the films Ice Storm and Perception and Sensibility

The Ice Storm and Scene and Sensibility

Ang Lee directed both Ice Storm and Picture and Sensibility; they are stories of dysfunction families that contain to cope with all of the problems that occur. Despite having the known reality that one story takes place in present day while the different occurs in Elizabethan situations; there are a variety of similarities. As heroes search for stability, miss lust or take pleasure in, and keep their emotions locked inside; their downfall quickly follows, but because they return from silence they'll find happiness.

Mikey seeks stability in his lifestyle of chaos and problems. He yearns because of this balance because he lacks a safe and sound family lifestyle. The Dashwood sisters are very much like Mikey in the since that they also yearn for a steady way of living with one gentleman. They will be in a regular search for a husband that would provide them with the stable existence that they miss. As for both Mikey and the sisters this steadiness causes death. Mikey is captivated by molecules and the cleanliness; he believed the molecules had stopped if they were frozen. Everything getting frozen is symbolic of stability, but that is an illusion for the reason that ice will soon melt and for that reason no more be stabile. Soon after Mikey sits straight down and finds his sound base death follows. He's completely drawn in to the wires and flashing lamps; these wires portray a snake. This snake is certainly symbolic for the temptation for sex within his family, therefore in a since his households obsession for sex kills him. The Dashwood sisters yearn for a spouse, but because they become quite close, their loved